Character Breakdown



Leading Roles

Note: All character ages are “stage ages”- the age the actor appears on stage. A person can be 30 but still look like a teen, etc.

Albert Peterson: The nervous, excitable, president of the Almaelou Music Corporation who pays more attention to his mother than to his girl-friend. He works as Conrad Birdie’s agent.

Voice Part: Baritone/Tenor – Cb3 – Fb4 Character Age: 30 – 40 

Dancing: Good movement Scenes: 13 Lines: 120 Songs: 5

Rose Alvarez: Albert’s secretary and want-to-be fiancé who gets fed up with waiting for him to propose. Vivacious and fiery.

Voice Part: Mezzo Soprano; Ab3 – C5 Character Age: 25 – 35 

Dancing: Featured dancer Scenes: 12 Lines: 96 Songs: 8

Conrad Birdie: The flamboyant, Elvis type, over the top rock star and teen heartthrob who was recently drafted into the army. Lots of personality and charm and can move like a rock star.

Voice Part: Baritone; Db3 – Eb4 Character Age: 18 – 29

Dancing: Good Dancer Scenes: 9 Lines: 21  Songs: 4

Kim MacAfee: Is a pretty and kind All-American teen-aged girl who is president of the Sweet Apple, Ohio Conrad Birdie Fan Club. She is excitable and self-absorbed.

Voice Part: Soprano; A3 – Bb5 Character Age: 15

Dancing: Good Dancer Scenes: 9 Lines: 37  Songs: 5

Harry MacAfee: Is Kim’s frustrated father who is controlling but loving. An old-fashioned grumpy guy who believes he is in control of his family but isn’t. He is a very nervous type of person.

Voice Part: Baritone; C3 – E4 Character Age: 40 – 59 

Dancing: Dancer Scenes: 9 Lines: 46  Songs: 3

Doris MacAfee: Kim’s mother who is a steady, kind, and knowing “50s mom.” She knows just how to handle her irritable husband.

Voice Part: Mezzo Soprano; Cb4 – F5 Character Age: 40 – 55 

Dancing: Some movement  Scenes: 7 Lines: 22  Songs: 3

Mae Peterson: Albert’s nagging and controlling mother. She worships him but won’t let him make his own decisions.

Voice Part: Alto; F3 – D5 Character Age: 50 – 69 

Dancing: No Scenes: 7 Lines: 48  Songs: 1

Supporting Roles

Randolph MacAfee: Kim’s younger brother. Typical All-American kid.

Voice Part: Tenor; D – F  Character Age: 10 – 12 

Dancing: Good Movement Scenes: 5 Lines: 9  Songs: 1

Hugo Peabody: Kim’s steady boyfriend who becomes jealous when Conrad comes to town. (15 – 17)

Ursula Merkle: Kim’s best friend. Loud, and hyper-enthusiastic fan of Conrad. (15 – 17)


KIDS All kids will perform in multiple large production numbers and must sing and dance well. Most of the Kids are playing the character age of 15 and can be from 15 – 24 (unless noted). 

Deborah Sue: (12 – 16 to play 13) – Bubbly and fun. Ursula’s sister. 

Margie: Shy but has a hidden agenda. 

Alice: Sweet Apple teenager and Mayor’s daughter. 

Helen: A member of the Conrad Birdie fan club. 

Nancy: A member of the Conrad Birdie fan club. 

Penelope: A member of the Conrad Birdie fan club. 

Suzie: A member of the Conrad Birdie fan club. 

Harvey Johnson: Loveable nerd. Character voice welcome. 

Karl: A Sweet Apple resident who becomes excited about Conrad. 

Freddie: A Sweet Apple resident who becomes excited about Conrad. 

Sad Girl 1 (8 - 12) – A distraught Conrad Birdie fan. Adorable. Tap dancing, a plus. 

Sad Girl 2 (8 - 12) – A distraught Conrad Birdie fan. Adorable. Tap dancing, a plus. 


All Adults below also double in the ensemble. 

Gloria Rasputin (Soprano, 25 - 39) – An ambitious, bombshell, secretary – Mae’s choice to replace Rosie. Larger than life with excellent dancing abilities. Tap dancing, a must. Splits, a plus. Also doubles in the ensemble. 

Mayor (40 – 69) – The Mayor of Sweet Apple, Ohio. Outspoken and pompous. Also doubles in the ensemble. 

Mayor’s Wife (40 – 69) – A soft-spoken politician’s wife, who is changed when she cannot resist the charms of Conrad Birdie. Also doubles in the ensemble. 

Mrs. Merkle (39 – 49) – Ursula’s overbearing and excitable mother. Also doubles in the ensemble. 

Mr. Johnson (36 – 49) – Harvey Johnson’s concerned father. Also doubles in the ensemble.


Additional Ensemble

Teen Ensemble will consist of additional girls and boys to play 13-16 years old. All should be dancers. 

Adult Ensemble will consist of men and women ages 20 - 65 to play many featured roles including policemen, reporters, travelers, Sweet Apple residents and others